Monday, January 30, 2012

The outhouse joke wasn't completely correct by Snyder; either way, outhouses need to be open

The Detroit Free Press published a story today based solely on Gov. Rick Snyder's line about regulations requiring seats be put down in outhouses across the state.

The governor used the analogy to demonstrate the multitude of regulations on the state of Michigan. But the analysis reads that no such regulation requiring Michiganders to "put the seat down," just that outhouses must be covered when not in use.

Not many news stories stem from jokes made during a speech, but the concern shouldn't just be for keeping the seat down; it should be to keep the outhouses open.

When reading the story earlier today, it reminded me of the outhouse at the Sand Lakes Quiet Area we ran into at the end of the trail when we were there in May. Several of us went to use the outhouse, only to find that we couldn't because it was locked. This sign was on the door:

Besides the fact that Snyder got his facts wrong (while his spokeswoman minimized it, journalists would be chastised for the exact same action), the fact that many outhouses aren't even in service renders his point moot.

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