Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Yet another outdoor adventure at Island Lake State Recreation Area, although this time with a plethora of snow

The snowy, snowy scene at Island Lake State Rec Area near Brighton this past weekend. The perfect weather for sledding.

Since my trip to Island Lake State Recreation Area is becoming an annual thing, typing out a recap begins to get old after three years.

Instead, some photos from the snow-filled weekend will suffice. We had more snow for the weekend than I can remember in previous years, including last year's drought with no snow, which made the winter activities of sledding and cross-country skiing all the better. It seems Heikki Lunta was looking down upon us this past weekend.

Out on the trail. Some hiked, others skied. 

Running down the small hills throughout the trails. 

A light snowfall happened throughout our trip, making for a pristine time

Very little falling took place on this ski trip.

Sledding at Kensington Metropark returned this year. Lots of snow made the
slopes nice and slick.

Never a plastic sled. Always use a metal runner sled.

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