Thursday, July 13, 2017

Summer vs. winter at Island Lake State Rec Area: so different, I nearly got lost

A trail head in Island Lake State Recreation Area. Those pile of sticks were my reminder of which way to leave the park.
The trail intersection above is one I've traveled so many times. Close to 20, I'd guess.

But seeing it Sunday at Island Lake State Recreation Area through me for a loop. I didn't recognize it. I took that photo to make sure I could remember which direction my wife and I would head in case we got turned around in the park, located in the southeast part of Livingston County.

The biggest reason I was misdirected had to do with all the leaves on the trees: for the first time, I
Island Lake from a fishing dock Sunday afternoon.
spent an afternoon hiking at Island Lake in the summertime.

I was introduced to "roughing it" camping at Island Lake when I was 9. I took my first trip with the group I still volunteer with out of St. David's Episcopal Church in Southfield one cold January weekend. It's normal to spend our Saturday at the park cross-country skiing if there's enough snow, hiking if there's not.

This turtle greeted us as we walked
down the trail.
My wife and I decided to get out of the house and head out for the afternoon Sunday. Starting at the Green Oak Village Place shopping center, we took the trail into the park, enjoying the sights as we hiked. In addition to wildlife and flowers, there were plenty of bikers and trail runners spending the day doing exactly what we were doing: getting out a little close to home.

It still had that calming sense I'm used to in the winter, just with a lot more leaves. Once I got onto
the paths I knew, I'd stumble across landmarks I would always recognize in the winter and find they were unrecognizable.

If you've never spent time at Island Lake in any season, I'd recommend it. It's incredible how much land is still protected by the state in this part of Michigan, especially as development continues to creep outward from Detroit westward.

Just bring a map and don't get turned around like I did.

This daylily was one of many flowers spotted along the hike to Island Lake.

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